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Design An Overview of the LATI Classroom
Design Ferry vs. Bridge
Design 10 Principles of the LATI Classroom
Design Creating a Felt Need through the ALU Task
Design Using Rubrics to Drive Instruction
Implementation Academic Rigor
Implementation Powerful Facilitation
Implementation Co-Teaching in the Learner-Active, Technology-Infused Classroom
Leadership Student-Driven Learning Components
Leadership Student-Driven Learning Continuum
Leadership The Change Process
Leadership Supporting Teachers
Tool A "Look Into" a High School Learner-Active, Technology-Infused Classroom
Tool A "Look Into" a Kindergarten Learner-Active, Technology-Infused Classroom
Tool A "Look Into" a Middle School Science Learner-Active, Technology-Infused Classroom
Tool A "Look Into" a Third-Grade Learner-Active, Technology-Infused Classroom
Tool A "Look Into" Mr. Brown's Third-Grade Hybrid Classroom
Tool A "Look Into" Mr. Castro's Seventh-Grade Math Classroom
Tool A "Look Into" Mr. Reid's Second-Grade Class
Tool A "Look Into" Mrs. Milan's Sixth-Grade English Language Arts Classroom
Tool A “Look Into” a Middle School Social Studies Hybrid Classroom
Tool A “Look Into” Mrs. Webb's Kindergarten Hybrid Classroom
Tool A “Look Into” Ms. Jackson's and Mr. Bloomfield's High School English Hybrid Classroom
Tool Building the Concepts of Cause-and-Effect Relationships
Tool Categories of Technology Infusion
Tool Conflict Resolution: Learning Center
Tool Considerations for Co-Teaching in a Student-Driven Classroom
Tool Creating a Culture of #STEAMLATIC
Tool Creating a Culture of #STEMLATIC
Tool Creating a Purposeful Activity List
Tool Creating a Student Learning Dashboard
Tool Culture of Creativity
Tool Designing an Equitable #LATIC Learning Environment
Tool Designing an Equitable #LATIC Learning Environment Through Empowerment
Tool Designing Equitable Learning Environments: Getting to Know Your Class
Tool Designing Equitable Learning Environments: The Technology Lens
Tool Developing "If, Then" Implementation Plans to Build Executive Function
Tool Ends-Based Teaching
Tool Executive Function Skills Mapped To Increasing Levels of Complex Thinking
Tool Executive Function: Small Group Facilitation Grid
Tool Facets are Assets: A Reflection for Teachers
Tool Facilitation Roadmap
Tool Five Levels of Facilitation Questions
Tool Five Types of Videos Planning Template
Tool Four Types of Formative Assessment
Tool Guide to Facilitating Lasting Learning
Tool How Executive Function Skills Support Social and Emotional Learning
Tool How the Learner-Active, Technology-Infused Classroom™ Builds Executive Function
Tool Hybrid Lesson Planning
Tool IDE Corp.'s Design Process Guiding Questions
Tool IDE Corp.'s Design Process Poster - Systems View
Tool IDE Corp.'s Design Process ThinkSheet - System View
Tool IDE Corp.'s Design Process: Learning Center
Tool Learning Center: Types of Evidence
Tool Learning Style and Readiness Brainstorm
Tool Leveling Up Through Cognitive Progression
Tool Leveraging Formative Assessment Data
Tool Main Topic vs. Main Idea Learning Center
Tool Moving Students Towards the Expert Column
Tool Parent/Guardian Executive Function Survey
Tool Persistencia en la Tarea: Translated Persistence Cards
Tool Reason vs. Evidence: Learning Center
Tool Representation in Your Learning Environment
Tool Rubric to Assess a Benchmark Lesson
Tool Rubric to Assess a STEM ALU
Tool Spanish Sentence Scramble: Learning Center
Tool Structures and Strategies of the Learner-Active, Technology-Infused Classroom
Tool Student Focus Cards
Tool Student Persistence Cards
Tool Student Responsibility Planning Template
Tool Supporting Struggling Learners Through Universal Design for Learning
Tool Technology Infusion Priming Plan: For A One-to-One or Blended Learning Environment
Tool Technology Use Hierarchy
Tool The Learner-Active, Technology-Infused Classroom™ Rubric
Tool The Continuum of Control
Tool The Facilitation Continuum
Tool The Great Remote-Learner Rubric
Tool The Great Student Rubric - Grade 3 to Adult
Tool The Great Student Rubric - Grade 6 to Adult
Tool The Great Student Rubric - Kindergarten to Grade 2
Tool The PBL-SEL Connection
Tool Transformative Technology Infusion for the Digital Native
Tool Using a Content Facilitation Grid to Help Drive Instruction
Tool Using the Universal Design for Learning Summary Sheets
Tool What Engagement Sounds Like- A ThinkSheet
Tool Writing Great Essay Test Questions
PBL/ALU A Butterfly Garden
PBL/ALU A Day in the Life Without . . .
PBL/ALU A Government for Us!
PBL/ALU A Green New Deal
PBL/ALU A Place for Robots
PBL/ALU Airport Problem
PBL/ALU Amistad: The Story According to....
PBL/ALU And the Award Goes to...
PBL/ALU Breaking the Gridlock
PBL/ALU Build the Fair Trade Movement
PBL/ALU Can a Frog, Turtle, and Fish Help Us?
PBL/ALU Charity Challenge
PBL/ALU Civil Rights Now
PBL/ALU Deadly Encounters
PBL/ALU Design a Sustainable City
PBL/ALU Designer Pizza
PBL/ALU Digital Serfs?
PBL/ALU Do We Have Enough?
PBL/ALU Eat Local and End Hunger!
PBL/ALU Economists for Equity
PBL/ALU Equitable Education for All!
PBL/ALU Fact or Fiction? Mass Extinction!
PBL/ALU Food for Thought
PBL/ALU Friend + Enemy = Frenemy
PBL/ALU Helping Mother Nature
PBL/ALU How to Shrink the World's Largest Landfill
PBL/ALU Huckleberry Finn in Cyberspace
PBL/ALU Hydro-Electric Power Source
PBL/ALU Improve, Don't Move
PBL/ALU Is Poetry Still Alive?
PBL/ALU Justice For All
PBL/ALU March Madness Selection: Calculation or Conjecture?
PBL/ALU More Friends Good, Fewer Friends Bad?
PBL/ALU Oh, the Places We Can Go!
PBL/ALU Plastic Ocean
PBL/ALU Taking a Stand
PBL/ALU Taking School Lunch International
PBL/ALU Teachers, Schools, and Pop Culture
PBL/ALU Teen Activists: Making a Difference
PBL/ALU The Big Decision
PBL/ALU The Dream Lives On
PBL/ALU The Power of Peers
PBL/ALU The Prophet of Environmentalism
PBL/ALU Turning Our School Green
PBL/ALU Unless
PBL/ALU Using Numbers to Feed Others
PBL/ALU Virtual Poetry Club
PBL/ALU What Impact Can We Have?
PBL/ALU Zip Code on Mars
Media Building Tools for Facilitation
Media Learning vs. Practice Activities
Media Teacher as Ferry vs. Teacher as Bridge
How-to Create a Learning Activity
How-to Design a Learning Center
How-to Find the Area of a Circle
How-to Implement the Digital Efficacy Notebook
How-to Plan for Screencasts and Podcasts
How-to Recognize Bias
Article Freedom from the "Finger Cuff"
Article Teacher as GPS

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