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Explore our extensive resource library for the Learner-Active, Technology-Infused Classroom™.

Authentic Learning Units include well-developed, authentic problems to give students a felt-need to learn content and promote higher-order thinking skills and for the teacher to use as a starting point for further activity development:

  • Each Authentic Learning Unit (ALU) on MyQPortal includes an analytic rubric that can be used for assessment as well as to clarify expectations for students at the onset of a project.
  • ALUs can be used to differentiate instruction and allow students to take responsibility for their own learning - students can use the rubric to self-assess their progress. An entire unit of instructional activities can be provided within the context of a single ALU.
Tool Tools are used by EdQuiddity Inc. consultants to help teachers improve instruction:
  • Various booklets and worksheets will help you implement new structures and strategies in the classroom.
  • Resources found can be used in conjunction with other materials on MyQPortal.

How To resources offer technology skill instruction in easy-to-follow, discrete steps:

  • How-To Sheets allow technology users to become more independent and help themselves - giving technology staff more time to pursue strategic technology initiatives. Step-by-step directions for specific technical tasks offer just-in-time learning - students and teachers can get instruction when it is relevant to them, freeing teachers to spend time focusing on content-area skills rather than technology skills.

Articles will generate discussion and reflection on the art and science of teaching:

  • Emerging Thoughts articles pose interesting points for all educators to think and talk about and can be used to spark dynamic dialogue at faculty meetings. A key element of professional development is reflection about our role as educators.
  • TechTonic articles are relevant to all educators - from PreK to Higher Education and will generate ideas about how to infuse technology into the classroom. A focus on educational uses for technology, rather than business uses, will spur innovative thinking about technology in the curriculum.

Media resources feature videos, interviews, screencasts, and audio files of all aspects of the LATI Classroom.

  • Learn from EdQuiddity Inc. consultants, teachers and administrators at all phases of the paradigm shift. Students, too, share their experiences in the LATI Classroom™.